About Us

zen-springs-mulshi-12Come to Paradise on Earth, Rejuvenate & Enjoy, Get Pure oxygen for mind, body & soul.

A lake, the wind, and blue sky for the roof over your head. Yes, that is what we offer at Zen Spring Resort, a place where you can relax amidst the elements in the company of your near and dear.

Want to spend your evening at a sunset point? Come and watch the fabulous sunset with us, the mellowed sunlight caressing grass blades and the waves in the lake, and experience the nature winding down for the nocturnal rest only to start the next day afresh.

Located in Mulshi Taluka, Zen Spring is only an hour of drive away from Pune. Isn’t it convenient that you are only 40 Kms away from the most memorable experience?

If you are searching for the ‘must go places, to surprise your partner’ give Zen Spring Resort a try. The resort is the right choice for the couples looking for a romantic gateway.

It is also a great place for the individual nature loving patrons who wants to rebind with their roots. Come and stay the night with us, we assure you that nothing other than the birdsong will wake you up in the morning.

Surely, you would love to spend your next holiday at the lakeside with the beckoning forests of Sahaydri as the companions.

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