A Place to Unwind

The city life has its pluses and minuses. When negative starts outweighing the positive, it is time to get away from the Buzz. Zen Spring Resort gives you a perfect opportunity to restore the balance and recharge your soul.

A Night in the Tent

How does living in a tent sounds to you? Thrilling? Yes, we provide a fabulous tent service to those looking for a truly-away-from-home experience.

Food for Your Palate

We let the elements sooth your nerves and work hard to please your pallet. We offer remarkably good food in a variety of styles and flavors. It is our strongest card to make you visit us again.

About Zen Spring Resort

The best cure for a body is a mind in Zen.

A lake, the wind, and blue sky for the roof over your head. Yes, that is what we offer at Zen Spring Resort, a place where you can relax amidst the elements in the company of your near and dear.

Located in Mulshi Taluka, Zen Spring is only an hour of drive away from Pune. Isn’t it convenient that you are only 40 Kms away from the most memorable experience?

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